1. From which football club did Manchester United buy Roy Keane ?

2. Which European football club is nicknamed as "the old lady" ?

3. Which English Premiership player has the real first name of Sulzeer ?

4. What previous job did ex Liverpool FC Manager Gerard Houllier have in the city ?

5. Which English football team were formed in 1867 from a cricket club and got their name because they could only play on one day of the week ?

6. Who was the first person to captain and manage a World Cup winning team ?

7. Which flower is the middle name of ex Scotland Internationalist Bob Wilson ?

8. Which football club are nicknamed " The Rams " ?

9. Which now defunct Scottish team were once sponsored by a pop group ?

10. Who or what are the music band Kaiser Chiefs named after ?

11. What football club did Sir Matt Busby sign for at the age of 17 ?

12. Between which two teams was the first ever Penalty Shoot-out to decide a competitive match ?

13. The name of which football club is an anagram of " red admiral " ?

14. What is the only football team in the UK with the letter J in its name ?

15. Who was the first player ever to be sent off in an F.A. Cup Final ?

16. Which ex Scottish League club used to play its home games at Cathkin Park ?

17. Which English team started life as Dial Square FC ?

18. At the 2002 World Cup, Fevernova was the official name for what ?

19. What have Sunderland and Benfica Football Clubs got in common ?

20. Which football manager was in charge of Scotland in the 1986 World Cup Finals ?


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